The best clubs involve lots of volunteers with different skills in running the club. We’ve had a great season but we want to make a breakthrough – especially to address our future playing and coaching facilities. Everyone has professional or personal skills to contribute, and together we can make a fantastic community club. We’ve got a great team of very professional club officers, Age group coordinators, coaches and helpers – all fitting their roles around busy lives. So to get better we need more parents/carers to give us some of their talents for only a few hours a week – as officers or volunteers. Let our Chairperson know if you would like to get involved, I promise you’ll find it worthwhile and that you’ll make a difference. See our list of vacancies and associated role descriptions for further information.

Make a difference to your community – be a Windsor FC Youth volunteer.

Simon Weston, Chairperson
On behalf of the Officers of Windsor FC Youth.

"Being part of the Olympics, it hit me how appreciated you are when you put yourself on the line and help other people - I would like to feel that again" (Ref: London Olympics Games Maker)

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I agree to provide at least 2 hrs assistance at our annual tournament & presentation day I Agree

"when I think back on it, it still gives me a warm glow. The Olympics captured the world's attention and everyone made a fuss of the Games Makers, which made me proud to be a part of it." (Ref. London Olympics Games Maker)