Player Registration & Club Membership

Players register for an age group.

A player’s age group is identified in accordance with the table below:

The FA have issued a ruling to ensure consistency of application across the whole country. Essentially the age group that a player joins is determined by his or her date of birth. The key date is 31st August and the chart below shows which age group applies for next season.

Age as of 31/08/2017School Year in Sept 2017Football Age Group for 2017/18 Season
Below 6Year 1Under 6
6Year 2Under 7
7Year 3Under 8
8Year 4Under 9
9Year 5Under 10
10Year 6Under 11
11Year 7Under 12
12Year 8Under 13
13Year 9Under 14
14Year 10Under 15
15Year 11Under 16

FA rules do permit a child to “Play Up” a year (an under 9 can play for under 10’s) in specific circumstances but under no circumstances can a child play for the age group below. Based on past experiences however, the club do not advocate this unless there are exceptional circumstances. For any player wishing to play up a year, a consensus of agreement is reached between both age group coordinators, the child’s parents and of course the child themselves. Final acceptance is subject to the approval of the Club Welfare Officer. We always try to consider what is best for the child and their squad, taking into account factors such as ability and physical development.

  1. Matches and training for the next season will take place as indicated on the club website.
  2. Registration is performed by completing the Club Online Registration Form.
  3. Registration fees are as indicated in the registration form.
  4. Final deadline for registration fees payment is 29th August unless agreed otherwise in advance in writing with with the Membership Officer.
  5. If a player is registering for the first time then it is necessary to provide the following to your Age Group Coordinator unless indicated otherwise:  1) A Coloured Photocopy of the player’s birth certificate or passport 2)  1 Coloured passport photo
  6. In accordance with FIFA Regulations, international clearance is required for any player over the age of 10 who is seeking to register for a club in England and has previously been registered for a club abroad (including the other Home Associations), or who is a foreign national seeking to register for the first time in this country.  Please speak with your coach if this applies to you as a player cannot be registered to play league football without International Clearance and will only delay season start.

Where your registration fee goes:
25% Match Kit
15% Refs fees
10% League Fees
10% Match Pitch Fees
15% Rental of Training Pitches
10% Presentation Day Costs
5% Coach Training
5% Training Balls,Bibs & First Aid Kits
5% Other

Windsor FC Youth is run exclusively by un-paid Volunteers (Officers, Age Group Coordinators, Coaches, Parent helpers etc.).

Payments should be made to Windsor F.C. Youth ONLY to ensure traceability and enable financial audit.

Windsor FC Youth will NOT request payment in cash or request payment to private individuals bank accounts.