1. I, the parent or guardian, consent to the named player(s) being registered with Windsor FC Youth to play association football matches and participate in other club activities such as training, tournaments and social events.
  2. I and the named player will always abide by the Rules and Codes of Conduct as laid down by Windsor FC Youth (and published on our website  I understand that failure to do so may result in my and or the player’s membership being withdrawn. Any complaints and or disagreements if not resolved by the team manager must be reported to the Club Welfare Officer for adjudication.  Any resulting decision shall be final and binding.
  3. I accept that team selection rests solely with the team manager, that participation in any Windsor FC Youth activity is at our own risk and that membership fees are non-refundable. I retain responsibility for the named player(s) always and if the player is in the Under 11s age group or younger I or the other parent or guardian will remain with him or her always or arrange for another responsible adult to do so. I consent for first aid treatment to be administered to the named player(s) in my absence.
  4. I shall be responsible for reimbursing the club all administrative costs and fines for misconduct levied by any competition, County FA or The FA against me and/or the other parent or guardian and or the player indicated on this form and or any other person who is present as my guest or under my supervision.
  5. I will become a member of Windsor FC Youth upon acceptance of this player registration and payment of membership fees in full.
  6. Images and/or video recordings of teams, squads, players, and/or Managers /Coaches with players may be posted on the Windsor FC Youth website and/or social media following FA guidelines. Tick box if you wish the named player to opt-out of having his or her image included on the website and/or social media.
  7. We will not pass on your personal details to any commercial organisation but may be required to pass certain information to the FA and the leagues we compete in.
  8. Any kit or equipment issued is a representation of the user and association to Windsor FC Youth and must be returned to the team coach if/when membership ceases.



  1. Tournament entry is restricted to FA affiliated clubs. Players must be within their age limit for season 2015-16. Proof (league ID) of affiliation and player age may be requested.
  2. A first aider will be present and a first aid area provided. Each team must however have a nominated & qualified emergency aider present for all games.
  3. Fixtures for U7 and U8 are non-competitive; competitions for all other age groups consist of group stages followed by knock-out competitions for Cup, Plate and Shield. (FA rules state that although U7 – U11 should be non-competitive, they can play 3 competitions a season, see FA Rule 4A at bottom of page).
  4. Player numbers and maximum squad sizes are as follows for each age group:
    U7-U8: 5-a-side plus 2 substitutes; U9 – U10: 7-a-side plus 3 substitutes; U11 – U14 and U14 Girls: 6-a-side plus 2 substitutes; U15 – U16: 5-a-side plus 2 substitutes
  5. U7 – U9 use size 3 footballs, U10 – U14 use size 4, U15 – U16 use size 5
  6. Unless otherwise stated, duration of games will be 8 minutes continuous play with no half-time.
  7. If a player is sent off or receives two yellow cards he may take no further part in the tournament. All misconduct will be reported to their county FA.
  8. In event of a colour clash, the first named team shall wear bibs.
  9. All teams must be affiliated to a County FA.
  10. No academy players allowed.
  11. Players are only permitted to play for one team.

Playing rules follow normal football except that:

  1. There is no offside rule.
  2. All free kicks are direct.
  3. Goal kicks are taken from the base line. At U10 and below, opponents must retreat to their own half for goal kicks.
  4. Goals may be scored directly from kick-off.
  5. At U7 and U8, there are no restrictions on how the goalkeeper distributes the ball during normal play. U9 and above, the goalkeeper must distribute the ball by hand, but could also release the ball onto the ground in open play and then kick it like any outfield player.
  6. At U9 and above goalkeepers may not handle the ball from a back pass.
  7. Repeat substitutions from registered squad members may be made at any time during breaks in play with the consent of the referee.
  8. Players must stand at least 5 metres from free-kicks, corners and kick-offs.
  9. Except where stated all usual laws of the game apply.

Competition rules

  1. In order to keep to the schedule, any team unable to play within 5 minutes of the stated KO time may be liable to forfeit the result to their opponent with a score of 0-0.
  2. At the end of group games, league positions will be decided based on points won (3 points for a win; 1 for a draw), then goal difference, then goals scored, then result between the equal teams, then penalty shoot-out. For the purpose of calculating league positions, games involving teams that do not register will be treated as 0-0 draws. The top 2 teams will go through to cup, the next 2 through to plate, and depending on the size of the group bottom 1 or 2 teams will enter the shield competition.
  3. For knockout stage games, if level after normal time the result will be decided by a penalty shoot-out by those players on the pitch at the end of the game.
  4. For penalty shoot-outs, three nominated players will take penalty kicks; if still level the remaining players will take penalty kicks until either team leads after an equal number of kicks.
  5. U14 Girls play each team twice. The team finishing first are awarded the Cup, second the Plate and third the Shield. Fourth place will receive runners up medals.
  6. The referee’s decision is final on the field of play. The organiser’s decision is final regarding any other aspect of the tournament.
  7. It is the winning manager’s responsibility to collect the result slip from the referee and return it to the registration area. In the event of a draw, the first named team manager will return the result slip.

Clarification regarding FA Rule 4A (iii) – Summer Tournaments for Youth Clubs and Commercial Providers

  1. Further to several queries with regards to FA Rule 4A (iii), linked to competition formats for young players in the U7 to U10 age groups, questions have arisen about the summer tournaments organised by grassroots clubs and commercial companies. The query relates to whether these events can be run as a competition, for a trophy, with a published winner.
    The FA Rule states that leagues can organise a maximum of three trophy events during the season, lasting a variety of different weeks according to age. The ‘league season’ in youth football typically runs from September to April/May and then there is a period of about 8 weeks that grassroots clubs and companies run tournaments, often with the purpose of generating income to fund the following season. These one-day club events are usually separate sanctioned events at the County FA.
    Therefore, these one-day club/commercial events can be run for a trophy with a published winner, at all ages, if the organising club/company chooses to operate in this way. However, if they choose to run the younger age groups in a festival format this is permissible.
    We will continue to monitor the impact of these events, when run as a trophy competition, to ascertain whether this method is in the best interests of the young person participating and player development.