Club Level

  • Ethos, Constitution, Organisation Structure
  • Roles & Responsibilities Definition & Appointments
  • AGC and Manager Nomination Approvals
  • Aims & Objectives Plan
  • Club-related Communications/Reporting
  • Club Colours & Kit
  • Facilities Allocation
  • Leagues Communication
  • Best Practise Reporting
  • Events
  • Issue Resolution(Safeguarding & Second Level)
  • Attending committee meetings
  • Team-working andco-operation at all times

Age Group Level

  • Age-group related communication
  • Player Streaming, Kit numbers
  • AGC and Coach nominations to Club
  • Leagues Selection
  • Training
  • AgeGroup Meetings Chair
  • Tournament Admin
  • Membership Administration
  • Issue Resolution (excluding Safe guarding)
  • Best practise input
  • Presentation Day administration
  • Managers/Coaches Meetings Attendance
  • Team-working and co-operation at all times

Team Level

  • Ethos & best practice codes of conduct adherence
  • Player Welfare
  • Team-related communication
  • Team selection
  • Training-day responsibility
  • Match-day responsibility
  • Best practisefeedback to AGC and club
  • Continual Improvement
  • Attending age group meetings upon request
  • Team-working and co-operation at all times

The most important of the three pillars of Windsor FC Youth, namely Welfare.


Club Level

  • Consensus decision-making process
  • Function Officers decide (Welfare, Finance, Membership, Procurement, Facilities, Commercial, Communications, Development, Chair)
  • View of all AGCs, Managers, Coaches represented by “Development” Officer(s).
  • Face-to-face decisionmakingat minutedmeetings only (inc.tele-conference)
  • Castingdecision vote to Chairman
  • Seek to achieve “consent” to a decision by each officer (i.e. “consent” not “agreement” sought)

Club Level

  • Consensus decision-making process
  • 1 vote per team in age group
  • Face-to-face decisionmakingatminutedmeetings only (inc.tele-conference)
  • Scheduledmeetings (min. quarterly)
  • Casting decision vote to AGC
  • Seek to achieve “consent” to a decision by each team (i.e. “consent” not “agreement” sought)

Club Level

  • Casting decisions by Manager
  • Face-to-face decision making by Manager/Head-Coach and Coach with major decisions confirmed via email
  • Anonymous manager/coach feedback form to AGC/Chairman
  • Anonymous parent feedback form to AGC/Chairman